Welcome to the online GSP Pedigree Knowledgebase.

This database represents decades of effort on the part of many. Currently we have 170393 German Shorthaired Pointer pedigrees, many of which include photos of the dogs. This database has been set up to give access to an incredible archive of this wonderful breed. Hopefully this will enable owners and breeders to share information to improve the health and versatility of this great breed for future generations.

Once a dog has been found you are able to view its pedigree. Anonymous Users can only view the current dogs pedigree. Registered Users will be able to "walk" through the pedigree, seeing generation after generation.

The merging of all pedigrees enables us all to learn from the breed as a whole. It is possible to calculate various inbreeding coefficients to help us make good decisions in our breeding programs.

Registration for this database is free and will give you greater access to some of the more advanced features of this site. I hope you enjoy the wealth of information provided.

I am continually updating this database as more information becomes available.

Please note that this database uses Wrights inbreeding coefficient formula for COI calculations and is calculated over 10 generations where available, as per Breedmate.

The information given here is based on our best knowledge and we believe it to be true and accurate.  However, Konig Kennels and/or its principals do not warrant or guarantee in any manner whatsoever, including the warranty of merchant-ability or fitness for the end user the accuracy of the information and content listed herein and will not be responsible for any damage resulting from their use.